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How to Assign New Output type to billing Document

posted Nov 4, 2010, 8:02 PM by Sen Long   [ updated Mar 15, 2011, 3:04 AM by Sap Team ]
I have created a new output type.I wish to assign automatically this output type to my billing document.I tried to create a entry using VV31.But this also i not allowing my newly created output type to come in Issue output to.Please guide what steps are missing.

Normally, sequence of activities is:

- Maintain output types:
in which you can find the list of all messages type for billing document. For message type you want to use, select it and set "access to condition in first view"
NOTE: If you have created a custom message, you have to verify at this point you have linked program and sapscript (or smartform) to the message type
-Assign output types to partner functions
Normally, for a billing type message, partner function linked is "BP" (bill to party)
-Maintain output determination procedure
In customizing of billing document (trans. VOFA) there's the "Output
" field. These schema is the same in which you have to put the message type you want to link in billing document
-Assign output determination procedures
To link output schema messages at billing document type

You want to test these procedure, i can suggest you to use a standard message type, for which all these activities are normally already done.
In all it's ok, using VV32 transaction you can insert the message type and fill condition records to link automatically message in billing documents
Alternatives:Goto NACE transaction code ->select V3 (Billing)->Now select Output types push button..Now add new output type...->Now Select the output type and select Processing Routines ->Now add ur smartform and also the driver program and specify the medium as Print Output and save...
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