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Define Sensitive Fields for Dual Control (Customers)

posted Oct 5, 2014, 6:03 AM by Sen Long
The sensitive fields in the customer/vendor master records which are controlled using dual control are defined in the Customizing table T055F.

Make the settings in IMG > Financial Accounting > Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable > Customer Accounts > Master Records > Preparations for Creating Customer Master Records > Define Sensitive Fields for Dual Control (Customers)

Define Sensitive Fields for Dual Control (Customers)
In this activity you define the fields for dual control in the customer/vendor master records.

If you define a field in the customer/vendor master record as "sensitive", the corresponding customer/vendor account is blocked for payment if the entry is changed. The block is removed when a second person with authorization checks the change and confirms or rejects it.

The alternative payee field has been defined as sensitive in the Customizing table. If the accounting clerk responsible changes the entry in this field in the customer/vendor master record, the account is blocked for the payment run until a second person with authorization confirms the change to the master data.

Define the required fields as sensitive. You can choose the fields using the possible entries button.

You must be authorized to change master records. You also define authorizations in Customizing (IMG) for Financial Accounting. To do so, choose Financial Accounting ® Financial Accounting Global Settings ® Maintain Profiles. The person who makes the changes is never allowed to confirm his or her own changes.


You can define the required master data fields as sensitive in Customizing.

When an authorized accounting clerk changes a sensitive field in the customer or vendor master record (such as Alternative payee), the relevant account is automatically blocked for the payment run.

The account remains blocked until a second authorized person confirms the master data changes. However, it is still possible to make a further change to an account that is already blocked.

The second authorized person is informed of the changes by mail or by other means, and then uses the function Master records ® Confirmation of change ® Single (or ® List) to edit the changes.

If the second authorized person cannot confirm the change to the master data, the master data object is returned to the clerk. Where this happens, the reply contains an explanatory text requesting that the clerk alters his or her change, or resets the master data.