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SAP Bank Reconciliation Process

posted Jul 4, 2010, 6:17 PM by Sen Long   [ updated Mar 15, 2011, 3:05 AM by Sap Team ]

SAP Bank Reconciliation Process

•    System provides automatically as well as manually, transaction reconciliation facility for all receipts and payment entries in the bank statement and our bank book.
•    System provides list of un-reconciled entries, for further decision making and matching.
•    In SAP system the reconciliation process is known under two methods, viz. Manual and Automatic.
•    Every Bank account will have 4 General Ledger Accounts. First will be a Main GL for the bank, second will be “Incoming clearing” for all receipts, third will be “Outgoing Clearing” for all Payments. and fourth will be “unreconciled account”.
•    After the reconciliation process, payment and receipt entries in the incoming, outgoing and unreconciled GL will be transferred in to the bank Main GL.
•    The balances in the main bank account will be equal to the bank statement amount.
•    The bank book balance shall be equal to the net balance of the all four bank GLs put together.

Manual Bank reconciliation Process – (FF67) (Non-electronic bank statement)

In case of Non-Availability of bank statements in the desired electronic formats, we can create and upload Bank statement manually.

Every bank statements that are entered will be per bank account number and are identifiable by a unique number and statement date to be provided by the user.

In the header data, Bank statement opening balances and closing balances are provided before creating the bank statement. This is the control check after entering all the lines in the bank statement.

After providing the bank statement header data, we need to enter or create the bank statement in the system. The bank statement data can also be copied from an excel file to create the bank statement in the system.

The system then automatically makes the postings to the bank account, bank clearing account along with the payment clearing. We have two options here:

Immediate posting (recommended)
Create a batch input session, then run it.

The posting of this statement or after batch input session. This process creates postings in the main bank account. The accounting entries are passed as mentioned below.

Main Bank A/c                     Dr
Incoming Clearing A/c                 Cr

Outgoing Clearing A/c                Dr
Main Bank A/c                     Cr.

Unmatched entries generated by the system are to be matched manually through (FEBAN). Later on these unmatched entries need to  be manually transferred to “Unreconciled Account”.

Electronic Bank reconciliation Process – (FF_5)

For the process of automatic bank reconciliation, electronic bank statement is required in pre defined format only.

This formats can be either in “multicash format” or “MT940

Uploading the bank statements received from banks in the above mentioned format using transaction code FF_5.

After the uploading of this statement, the process creates postings in the main bank account. The accounting entries are passed as mentioned above.

The un-reconciled items will remain as open items in “unreconciled account”  which can be reconciled manually.

Reprocess Un-reconciled items – (FEBAN)

•    Through this session we can clear the un-posted (un-reconciled) items from the above mentioned manual & automatic processes.

•    The session enables us to select any of the bank statements created by us based on statement date and identification key.

•    We can correct the selected items one after another. At the end, post again for all changed items.

SAP T Code To be used

Manual Bank reconciliation Process – (FF67)
Electronic Bank reconciliation Process – (FF_5)
Reprocess Un-reconciled items – (FEBAN)