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FI-CO Transaction Code

posted Mar 31, 2011, 4:38 AM by Sap Team   [ updated Mar 31, 2011, 4:44 AM ]
General Ledger
CLOCO Closing cockpit
CLOCOC Closing cockpit (templates & task lists)
CLOCOS Closing cockpit (overview)
F.13 Clear GL Account – automatic
F.13E Clear GL Account with currency – automatic
F.14 Process recurring entries
F.15 Recurring entries – list
F.56 Delete recurring document
F.80 Mass reversal
F.81 Reverse accrual/deferral document
F-02 General Posting
F-03 Clear GL Account
F-04 Post with clearing
F-05 Valuate foreign currency
F-06 Incoming payments
F-07 Outgoing payments
F-65 General document parking
FAGL_FC_VAL Foreign Currency Valuation (new)
FAGLB03 Display GL balances (new)
FAGLF03 GL reconciliation (new)
FAGLGVTR Balance Carried forward
FAGLL03 Display/change GL line items (new)
FB00 Editing options
FB02 Change document
FB03 Display document
FB04 Display changes
FB07 Control Totals
FB08 Individual reversal
FB09 Change line item
FB41 Enter tax payable
FB50 Enter G/L Accounting Document
FBCJ Cash journal
FBD1 Enter Recurring Documents
FBD2 Change recurring document
FBD3 Display recurring document
FBD4 Recurring Document – display changes
FBRA Reset cleared items
FBS1 Enter accrual/deferral document
FBV0 Post/Delete Parked Document
FBV2 Change Parked Document
FBV3 Display Parked Document
FBV4 Parked Document – Change Header
FBV5 Parked Document – Display Changes
FBV6 Parked Document – Refuse
FKMT Account assignment model
FS00 Maintain GL Account Centrally
FS04 Display GL Changes – centrally
FSP4 Display GL Changes – chart of accounts data
FSS4 Display GL Changes – company code data
FV50 Edit or Park G/L Document
KCH1 Create profit centre hierarchy
KCH2 Change profit centre group
KCH3 Display profit centre group
KCH5N Change profit centre hierarchy
KCH6N Display profit centre hierarchy
KE51 Create profit centre
KE52 Change profit centre
KE53 Display profit centre
KE54 Delete profit centre
KE55 Profit centre – collectice processing
OB_GLACC11 Mass changes – chart of accounts data
OB_GLACC12 Mass changes – company code data
OB_GLACC13 Mass changes – descriptions
OKKS Set controlling area
S_ALR_87012357 VAT Return
S_ALR_87012400 EC Sales List
S_ALR_87013642 Open / Close Accounting Periods
S_B20_88000153 Enter Currency Exchange rates using a Worklist
S_PLO_86000028 Balance Sheet / P&L Statement
S_PLO_86000030 GL Account Balances
1KE4 Profit Centre Assignment Overview
6KEA Profit centre – Display changes
GP12N Enter (New)
GP12NA Display (New)
GLPLUP Upload from Excel
FAGLGP52 Copy Model Plan
FAGLPLSET Set Planner Profile
Accounts Receivable
FB70 AR miscellaneous invoice
F-22 AR Invoice – general
FB75 AR miscellaneous credit note
F-27 AR credit note – general
F-28 Incoming Payments
F-26 Payment fast entry
FV70 Park/edit invoice
F-64 Invoice parking – general
FV75 Park/edit credit memo
F-67 Credit memo parking – general
FD10N Display Balances
FBL5N Display/Change Line Items
F-32 Clear
FD11 Analysis
FB12 Correspondance Request
F.64 Correspondance Maintain
FB15 Assign/clear open items
FB17 Edit assigned items
FD01 Create customer master (no SD)
FD02 Change customer master (no SD)
FD03 Display customer master (no SD)
FD05 Block/unblock customer master (no SD)
FD06 Set master record deletion indicator (no SD)
FD04 Display master record changes
F.2D Compare FI to SD
VKM1 Credit Management – blocked SD documents
VKM2 Credit Management – released documents
VKM3 Credit Management – sales documents
VKM4 Credit Management – all documents
VKM5 Credit Management – delivery documents
FD32 Maintain credit limits
F.34 Credit limit – mass change
FD33 Display credit limits
FD24 Credit limits – display changes
FCV3 Credit Management early warning
F150 Dunning
F.27 Periodic account statements
F.07 Carry forward
F.30 Display evaluations
Accounts Payable
MIRO Invoice Verification
FB60 AP invoice entry
F-43 AP invoice entry – general
FB65 AP credit note entry
F-41 AP credit note entry – general
FB10 AP Invoice entry / credit memo fast entry
FV60 Park AP invoice
F-63 Invoice Parking – general
FV65 Park AP credit note
F-66 Credit memo parking – general
F-53 Post Outgoing Payments (no forms)
FK10N Display balances
FBL1N Display / Change Line Items
F-44 Clear
XK01 Create vendor (with MM)
XK02 Change vendor (with MM)
XK03 Display vendor (with MM)
XK05 Block / unblock vendor (with MM)
XK06 Set deletion indicator vendor (with MM)
FK01 Create vendor (without MM)
FK02 Change vendor (without MM)
FK03 Display vendor (without MM)
FK05 Block / unblock vendor (without MM)
FK06 Set deletion indicator vendor (without MM)
FK08 Confirmation of Change (Single)
FK09 Confirmation of Change (List)
FK04 Display Changes vendor (without MM)
F.48 Compare master records FI to MM
F110 Payment program
F.07 Balance carrried forward
F.46 Display evaluations
FF67 Manual Statement entry
FF_5 Import Bank Statement
FEBP Post Bank Statement
FF_6 Display Bank Statement
FEBA_Bank_Statement Reprocess bank statement
FF68 Manual cheque entry
FEBA_check_deposit Reprocess cheque entry
FI01 Bank master data – create
FI02 Bank master data – change
FI03 Bank master data – display
FI04 Bank master data – display changes
FI06 Bank master data – mark for deletion
ABZON Post asset with auto offset entry
F-90 External asset acquisition with vendor
ABGL Credit memo in invoice year
ABGF Credit memo in Next Year
ABZE Capitalise from inhouse production
AIAB Distribute AuC
AIBU Settle AuC
ABUMN Transfer within company code
F-92 Retirement with revenue with Customer
ABAON Retirement with revenue without Customer
ABAVN Asset retirement by scrapping
ABNE Subsequent revenue
ABNK Subsequent costs
ABNAN Post capitalisation
ABZU Asset write-up
ABAA Unplanned depreciation
AB03 Display Asset Document
AB02 Change Asset Document
AIST Reverse capitalisation of AuC
AB08 Reverse other asset document
AW01N Asset explorer
AS01 Create Asset
AS02 Change Asset
AS03 Display Asset
AS05 Lock Asset
AS06 Delete Asset
AFAB Depreciation run
AFBP Depreciation run log
S_ALR_87099918 Primary cost planning
AJRW Fiscal year Change
AJAB Close fiscal Year
KA01 Create Cost Element
KA02 Change Cost Element
KA03 Display Cost Element
KA04 Delete cost element
KA05 Cost element: display changes
KA06 Create Secondary Cost Element
KA23 Cost Elements: Master Data Report
KA24 Delete Cost Elements
KAB9 Planning Report: Orders
KABL Order: Planning Overview
KABP Controlling Documents: Plan
KAH1 Create Cost Element Group
KAH2 Change cost element group
KAH3 Display cost element group
KAK2 Change statistical key figures
KAK3 Display Statistical Key Figures
KB11N Enter Manual Repostings of Costs
KB13N Display Manual Repostings of Costs
KB14N Reverse Manual Repostings of Costs
KB21N Enter Direct Activity Allocation
KB23N Display Direct Activity Allocation
KB24N Reverse Direct Activity Allocation
KB31N Enter Statistical Key Figures
KB33N Display Statistical Key Figures
KB34N Reverse Statistical Key Figures
KB41N Enter Manual Repostings of Revenue
KB43N Display Manual Repostings of Revenue
KB44N Reverse Manual Repostings of Revenue
KB61 Enter Reposting of CO Line Items
KB63 Display Reposting of CO Line Items
KB64 Reverse Reposting of CO Line Items
KBC1 Cost Transfer Layout Variants
KBC3 Screen Variants: Stat. Key Figures
KBC4 Transfer Revenue Screen Variants
KBH1 Create statistical key figure group
KBH2 Change statistical key figure group
KBH3 Display statistical key figure group
KK01 Create Statistical Figure
KK02 Change Statistical Figure
KK03 Display Statistical Key Figures
KK03DEL Delete Statistical Key Figures
KK04 Stat.Key Figures: Master Data Report
KO01 Create Internal Order
KO02 Change Order
KO03 Display Internal Order
KO04 Order Manager
KO12 Change Order Plan (Overall, Year)
KO13 Display Order Plan (Overall, Year)
KO14 Copy Planing for Internal Orders
KO15 Copy Actual Int.Order Data to Plan
KO22 Change Order Budget
KO23 Display Order Budget
KO24 Change Order Supplement
KO25 Display Order Supplement
KO26 Change Order Return
KO27 Display Order Return
KO2A Change budget document
KO2B Display budget document
KO30 Activate Orders Availability Control
KO88 Actual Settlement: Order
KO8B Display Settlement Document
KOB1 Orders: Actual Line Items
KOB2 Orders: Commitment Line Items
KOB4 Orders: Budget Line Items
KOB6 Orders: Settlement Line Items
KOBP Orders: Plan Line Items
KOC2 Run Selected Reports
KOC4 Cost Analysis
KOCF Carry Forward Order Commitments
KOCO Budget Carryforward for Orders
KOH1 Create Order Group
KOH2 Change Order Group
KOH3 Display Order Group
KOL1 Order List (Master Data)
KONK Maintain Order Number Ranges
KOP1 Create Orders for Plan Revaluation
KOT3 Display Order Types
KP04 Set Planner Profile
KP06 Change CElem/Activity Input Planning
KP07 Display Planning CElem/Act. Input
KP90 Delete Planned Costs
KP91 Delete Planned Costs
KP95 Revaluate Manual Planning
KP97 Copy Planning for Cost Centers
KP98 Copy Actual to Plan for Cost Centers
KS01 Create cost center
KS02 Change cost center
KS03 Display Cost Center
KS04 Delete cost center
KS05 Cost Center: Display Changes
KS07 Execute rough entry of cost center
KS12 Change Cost Centers
KS13 Cost Centers: Master Data Report
KS14 Delete Cost Centers
KSB1 Cost Centers: Actual Line Items
KSB2 Cost Centers: Commitment Line Items
KSB5 Controlling Documents: Actual
KSB9 Planning Report: Cost Centers
KSBB Run Selected Reports
KSBL Cost centers: Planning overview
KSBP Cost Centers: Plan Line Items
KSBT Cost centers: Activity prices
KSH1 Create Cost Center Group
KSH2 Change Cost Center Group
KSH3 Display Cost Center Group
KSU1N Create Actual Assessment
KSU2N Change Actual Assessment
KSU3N Display Actual Assessment
KSU4N Delete Actual Assessment
KSU5 Execute Actual Assessment
KSU6N Actual Assessment: Overview
KSU7N Create Plan Assessment
KSU8N Change Plan Assessment
KSU9N Display Plan Assessment
KSUAN Delete Plan Assessment
KSUB Execute Plan Assessment
KSUCN Plan Assessment: Overview
KSV1N Create Actual Distribution
KSV2N Change Actual Distribution
KSV3N Display Actual Distribution
KSV4N Delete Actual Distribution
KSV5 Execute Actual Distribution
KSV6N Actual Distribution: Overview
KSV7N Create Plan Distribution
KSV8N Change Plan Distribution
KSV9N Display Plan Distribution
KSVAN Delete Plan Distribution
KSVB Execute Plan Distribution
KSVCN Plan Distribution: Overview
RPC0 User Settings
RPO0 User Settings

OKP1 – Change OKP1 – Change

SE16 Display Table
SA38 ABAP Reporting
SM37 Job Overview
SP02 Own Spool Requests
OKKS Set Controlling Area
MB51 Material Documents
MR51 Accounting Document for Material
MMBE Stock Overview