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posted Jun 8, 2010, 11:52 PM by Sen Long   [ updated Oct 21, 2010, 8:58 PM by Sap Team ]

This section contains available tools for SAP NetWeaver only. Visit the Evaluation Software Download Catalog in order to download  SAP NetWeaver Main Releases  or SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment.


Sherlok 1.4 Java Application Monitor 

Sherlok is a Java application monitor that can show you what is happening within a program with respect to memory usage, performance of methods, contentions, and more. Also it can be used for application tracing, that is to show which methods are called, including runtime information, such as call parameter arguments. (EP 6.0 and SAP J2EE Engine 6.20+, 27.9 MB)13 Jul 2009

Composition on Grails v 1.0

Composition on Grails extends the Grails web application framework that’s written in Groovy to add support for Web Dynpro, BAPIs, and Enterprise Web Services. To create an application in Composition on Rails, the developer specifies in code only what he wants to model and the framework generates the Web Dynpro Views, controllers for CRUD operations, and local database persistence. The generation scripts are also written in Groovy, so they can be easily modified or extended. (1.2 MB)22 Feb 2008

SAP Enterprise Services Explorer for Microsoft .NET

SAP Enterprise Services Explorer for Microsoft .NET - an add-on to MS Visual Studio 2005 for search and discovery of the SAP enterprise services. The tool is targeted at .NET developers.12 Feb 2008

SAP Enterprise Widget Development Tool

The SAP Enterprise Widget Development tool are Eclipse-based plug-ins that will allow you to create enterprise widgets from scratch. (appr. 205 MB)02 Nov 2007

WSDL to ActionScript Proxy Generator for Adobe FlexBuilder

This plug-in for the Eclipse-based Adobe Flex Builder IDE will enable the generation of ActionScript proxy classes for the invocation of web services based on WSDL as input. (372 KB)27 Sep 2007

Memory Analyzer

Using SAP Memory Analyzer users can look into the Java heap, find big chunks of memory and identify who is keeping this memory alive.18 Sep 2007

SAP SOAP Regression Test Tool

This program tests synchronous SOAP interfaces over http(s). The tests input format was developed for UDDI registry interoperability testing. Test suites, requests and expected responses are all XML files. Values from responses can be captured in variables and used later in requests and responses. (354 KB)16 Jan 2007

Scripting Languages Tool Preview

The Scripting Language Tool is an Eclipse-based too which provides a framework for simplifying the access of SAP data for any kind of scripting language. It provides repository connectors for SAP backend sytems, scriptcode generation and a plug-in mechanism to allow own plug-ins for other scripting languages. (Version 0.9.23, 6.56 MB)11 Sep 2006

Virus Scan Adapter Prototypes Package

The example libraries in this download package are designed to help anti-virus (AV) vendors and security solution providers integrate their products with the SAP NetWeaver landscape. Instructions for installation and use are included in the download package contents. (SAP NetWeaver 2004, 806 KB)03 Jul 2006

Scripting in a Box

Scripting in a Box, or "on a Stick", is a collection of Open Source tools integrated together into one development environment. This powerhouse development environment has everything you need to get a headstart on working with SAP and Scripting Languages. This download has everything from the web server down to sample applications. (v0.0.1, v0.0.5, 182 MB)06 Apr 2006

Virus Scan Adapter SDK

The example coding within this software development kit (SDK) aims to help external anti-virus (AV) vendors or other security solution provider companies. A vendor of a virus scan product can use this SDK to implement an integration based on an own internal API, if existing, and a security solution provider can use this SDK to implement a SAP integration solution. (NW 04, 9.6 MB)02 Aug 2005

DIP Mediation Testing Framework

The DIP Mediation Testing Framework is a small tool for testing web services. You have to specify some calling arguments for the service and an array of pairs comprising a parameter set and the expected response. For each pair the tool will construct a SOAP message, send it to the service, and check to see if the reply matches the expected response. Test scenarios can also be saved and loaded later to repeat the test. (Prototype, 664 KB)23 May 2005

SAP ViewPoint Technical Preview

SAP ViewPoint is a new technology from SAP that organizes information according to the preferences of the individual user. Its innovative personalization-through-prioritization concept empowers users to ignore what they do not want to see so they can focus on what they do want to see.05 Oct 2004

Consensus Authoring Environment Prototype

The CONSENSUS authoring environment prototype is an Open Source Implementation to enable the design of user interfaces (UI) description documents. This UI is based on RIML, which allows for ubiquitous access to Web content through run-time adaptation primarily for mobile devices. (Prototype, 2.59 MB)03 Sep 2004